3 Easy Ways to Style Your Guatemalan Tote Bags

No matter if you are always trying to get your hands on the trendiest baguettes and tiny purse styles that hit the fashion scene in recent years, if there is one bag that you can always count on, it is the humble tote. The tote is a timeless option when it comes to everyday bags because it has incredible staying power. Some might even call it the "anti-It-bag" – it will never go out of style. Regardless of which latest styles are strewn across runways and celebrity closets, a tote bag is probably the most practical piece that you can carry to work, to run errands, or even when you travel. It is the ultimate carry-it-anywhere bag. And when your tote is a vibrant Guatemalan bag, the stunning embroideries and colors are the perfect icing on the cake.

So, if you have a Guatemalan bag that you are dying to take out but don’t know how, read on for some quick inspiration.

1. The bohemian look

If you love breezy summer looks, this one’s for you. The best thing about this look is that it requires minimal effort and yet looks incredibly elegant and chic. Pair a white midi dress or a maxi dress that accentuates your silhouette with some strappy sandals, a straw hat, and your Guatemalan bag. The bag will not only add contrast and color to the look but is also great for carrying your essentials without taking away from the romantic flair of the rest of the outfit.

2. The classic office look

If you thought an office bag only has to be brown and boring, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can always add a little pop of color to your formal work outfits with a Guatemalan tote. Just make sure you keep the rest of the look simple with neutrals and basic hues, and minimal prints, to make sure that the bag is the star of the show. Tan block heels will complement the bag beautifully.

3. Casual with a twist

Summer fashion is all about discovering your own personal style. And what better way to do that than by experimenting with your outfits? So, give your regular tee and jeans an upgrade with a Guatemalan bag. A white t-shirt and blue jeans with sneakers or flats can be easily elevated with the addition of the bag. While you might not otherwise think of pairing a large tote with such a simple, casual look, give it a go and watch your outfit go from zero to 100 in no time.

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