Custom Huipiles

Choosing your own huipil guarantees that your bag is as unique as you are.  The huipil (pronounced wee-peel) is the traditional blouse of Mayan women. A huipil is woven on a backstrap loom and can take months to weave.  Each huipil tells a story of the woman who made it, often depicting details such as hobbies, marital status, and village.  Mayan families have been weaving these incredible textiles for a very long time and they hold special meaning about the culture and people of Guatemala.

Most of our huipiles available for custom bags are sourced directly from artisans in Chichicastenango allowing them to set their own price and guaranteeing a fair wage.  


The possibilities are endless when creating your dream bag and we are happy to make a custom huipil bag, handbag, leather bag, leather purse, shopping bag or tote.