Caring for Your Bag and Accessories

We take pride in providing our customers with beautiful, hand-made, artisan goods. Our products are crafted with up-cycled, vintage Maya clothing (traje tipico) and truly are one-of-a-kind. Because our bags are completely handcrafted with all natural leather and dyes, it is normal to have variations in color and texture. These are not imperfections, they are part of the unique beauty and history. 

Important tips:

*If you note any loose threads or pulls in the thread, do not pull them; simply cut them with sharp scissors. The huipiles are vintage Maya blouses and the wear is part of the beauty. While not required, some choose to use Scotch-Guard on the fabric part of their bag.

*The natural oils in our skin will condition the leather to a buttery soft finish, but If you prefer to treat the leather, make sure to test a small, hidden area.

*Loose threads are occasionally found in poms and tassels. Do not pull them; simply cut them with sharp scissors.