Pre-Sale Mexico Collection Small Oaxacan Wool Rug
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Pre-Sale Mexico Collection Small Oaxacan Wool Rug

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Gorgeous wool rugs of Teotitlán and Santa Ana are of Zapotec and Mixtec designs that reflect the history of the local area. The rugs are woven on pedal looms with wool brought from the Mixteca region of Oaxaca. The artisans wash, card and make the wool into yarn which they then dye the yarns for the rugs with natural dyes that they also make. The design for the rug is then drawn onto the threads on the loom and the weaving begins. Weaving a rug on a pedal loom is a slow process and it can take up to several months to complete a standard size rug if it has a complex design.

We met Juan near Bucerias, Mexico and were instantly in awe of these gorgeous rugs.

Measures: 60” x 28” Including tassels


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