Huipil Panel for Custom Bag
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Huipil Panel for Custom Bag

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Please Read:

You are purchasing a newly woven panel for a custom bag. This is a non-refundable deposit for a bag, not the panel alone.

You can choose your options:

Large CDB: 14" x 20"  ($308)
Medium CDB: 12” x 18” ($288)
Medium Custom Size: 13” x 15” ($288)
Small CDB: 11 x 14" ($278)
Tote Bag: 14" x 17"" ($258)
Clutch: 9" x 12" ($98)
Clutch: 7" x 11" ($78)
Wristlet: 6" x 9"  ($52)
Leather choices: 
Xela Tan (this is a tan, but not brown; they call it chestnut)
Soft Black (not technically Xela, but very soft and flexible)
Pocket Choices:
Corte/Zunil from available cuts at the time, which I will supply pictures
Traditional Closure 
Straight Closure 
Exterior Pockets:
Front rounded with leather
Front straight with hidden pocket
Back straight with hidden pocket
All straps are included.
When using panels, it is rare to have leftover huipil for other items.
You will pay $4.99 shipping on this order, but I will give you a code for Free Shipping when final payment is due.
Once you decide on details, I'll send you a message to confirm. Once this step is complete, I will send details to the Artisan to begin working.


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