Medium Tulips Hobo reserved for Alycia
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Medium Tulips Hobo reserved for Alycia

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This rare and gorgeous bag is made from a vintage Huipil (pronounced wee-peel).  A huipil is woven on a backstrap loom, which consists of 5-6 pieces of wood and a strap that goes around the weaver's waist, making her part of the loom.  

The leather used in this bag is soft and luxurious and made in  Quetzaltenango, nicknamed by locals as Xela.  Prounounced "She-lah", Xela leather is considered one of the finest in Guatemala.

Measures: 14” H x 16”L 

The interior is beautiful Corte (Traditional skirt worn by Mayan women.) with leather trimmed pockets and key fob. 

Braided leather strap and shoulder strap included.

The neckline of the huipil creates gorgeous round pockets front and back. 

 Fully handmade by an artisan family in a small workshop in Chichicastenango, Guatemala which ensures good working conditions and a fair wage.

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