Black Vintage Huipil and Xela Convertible Day Bag
Vintage Huipil and Black Xela Leather Convertible Bag
Vintage Huipil made in Chichicastenango Guatemala
Side leather pockets give great access
Pockets are made from full-grain leather from Xela
Backpack straps are optional and removable
Can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag
The inside is lined with Corte, which is the fabric used for traditional Mayan skirts
Corte lining with leather trimmed pockets
Corte lining foot-loomed with a zippered pocket
Las Bonitas Boutique

Black Vintage Huipil and Xela Convertible Day Bag

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This one-of-a-kind convertible day bag is made in a small family workshop in Antigua, Guatemala using only the finest textiles and full-grain, luxury leather.

The bag is made from a vintage Huipil (pronounced wee-peel), which is a blouse traditionally worn by Mayan women. Each design is different and tells a story of the woman who created it. A huipil is woven on a backstrap loom, which consists of 5-6 pieces of wood and a strap that goes around the weaver's waist, making her part of the loom. 

A huipil can take several months to complete depending on the design.  This huipil was purchased from an artisan who has  up-cycled it into this gorgeous convertible day bag, aka CDB. 

The leather used in this bag is soft and luxurious and made in  Quetzaltenango, nicknamed by locals as Xela.  Prounounced "She-lah", Xela leather is considered one of the finest in Guatemala.

The interior is made from Corte, which is the fabric used to make a Mayan woman's skirt.  There are two open pockets and one zippered pocket, complete with a key fob.

The removable shoulder strap and backpack straps are what make it a convertible bag---you choose how you wear it by which straps you use.

Measures: 14” H x 16" L x 5.5" W

We deal directly with artisans in rural-Guatemala to bring you these incredible bags, ensuring a fair wage and safe working conditions.  Many women can work from home while providing financially to the family.

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